WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Prop 31 Vape Ban Explained (UPDATED)


  1. We will still be able to provide Flavored Vape Product beyond the date the new law goes into effect on December 21st 2022.
  2. No in person in store sale of Flavored Vape will be allowed.
  3. Purchasing of Flavored Vape products will only be allowed on our web site. www.vspotvapor.com
  4. We will offer limited local delivery and store pickup on Flavored Vape Products.
  5. All hardware, accessories and non flavored / tobacco will be available for in store or online purchase.
  6. Our website has a strict age verification policy. If you do not receive an order confirmation right after you place the order, please check your email for any age check document requests or check billing address associated with credit card being used compared to address being used on your order.
  7. All orders placed online will require a minimum of one hour to be processed for pick up or delivery. Customers will receive notifications via email or text on status of order.
  8. ID age verification will be required at time of pick up or delivery.
We wanted to bring you an update on how it has gone in our research to find a solution to this ridiculous flavored Vape ban. We have worked with our attorney to ensure that we are able to follow all local state and federal laws. We will soon be updating our store and our online store to help facilitate the necessary changes required by us in order to operate legally while still providing the much-needed products you enjoy most and the high level of service we have become known for in our community.
I want to take a minute and thank everyone for being so supportive and so understanding regarding the challenges we have faced. Without amazing customers and a fabulous staff The V Spot would’ve been gone like so many similar shops over the years.
Current federal laws regarding shipping of our products make that process very expensive and not very reliable, not to mention illegal in a lot of areas that don’t even allow online orders to be shipped. LA City has such laws as do unincorporated areas of Ventura county and other areas around California.
Fortunately, the recent law that goes into effect shortly specifically deals with “ retail in person sales of Flavored Vape products. This new law does not ban “online sales. However, some local areas have banned delivery of online sales and others may follow. We will keep monitoring that to ensure we update people and follow all laws.
Now to our solution.
By discontinuing in person, retail sales of all flavored Vape products and requiring all such products be ordered through our website ahead of time and setting up for local delivery or local pick up we can continue to offer you all of your favorite products.
You will still be able to buy all legal products including hardware, accessories, and non flavored / tobacco flavored E Liquids.
So the good news is very little changes other than being able to come to our store and buy anything with flavors at our location in person. All transactions must happen outside of our store online. We will require processing time to fill orders so planning ahead will be important. There are requirements of us after an online transaction that make it impossible for us to fill an order right away.
Our online store does require age verification, as well as billing, and shipping address match verification in order for us to operate legally. Please ensure that billing and shipping address, even on pick up orders match the billing address for the credit card that is being used.
Depending on the age checker system you may be required to provide a photo of your ID prior to your order being processed. If you do not receive an order confirmation very shortly after your order, please check if you’ve received anything asking for more information. I can guarantee that most issues with online ordering will be due to the billing and shipping address not matching that associated with the billing address of the card being used. I cannot stress that issue enough. We are just trying to save frustration by detailing key issues that will make these transitions better for everyone.
We will never make an exception to this policy of “no in-store retail sales of flavored products” in any situation, regardless of who you are. We will not risk our ability to operate legally and take care of our loyal customers or risk the jobs we have created for anyone.
We are considering expanding our delivery service so we are asking those interested in a delivery position to send an email with some type of resume to mike@vspotvapor.com
Please note orders can be placed any day and picked up another day that is more convenient for you.
We are excited and grateful that we are going to be able to continue beyond this new law, and that adults who are making the choice of harm reduction, are still able to make that choice, at least here locally for now.
Mark and Pam and the entire V Spot staff

Prop 31 was approved by California Voters on Nov 8th, 2022.

All Flavored tobacco/vape other than “Tobacco” flavor and Possibly “Flavorless” will be illegal in California as of DEC 21st, 2022. 

Due to previous law changes and shipping regulations, it is also illegal for any out-of-state company to sell and ship these products to customers in California.

What this means for “The V Spot”

Until the law takes effect on Dec 21st, 2022 we will operate as usual. Depending on what we can identify as quality products we will still be able to offer we will continue to service our customers for as long as we can operate profitably.

As always, the V Spot will follow all local laws in our daily operations. We are currently speaking to our legal counsel and others in the industry to ensure we are able to bring you the best the industry can offer after the new law takes effect.


What this means for “Our Customers”

We will do our best to stock all of our Flavored Vape Products as much as possible until the new law takes effect on Dec 21st, 2022.

However, we encourage everyone to start stocking up on their favorites. We are accepting special orders, but we do require payment at the time of order in most cases. If we are not confident, we can fill the order due to lack of availability we will allow for half of the total to be paid as a deposit. If the product is no longer available a full refund will be issued for the deposit and or full refund depending on the initial order payment. Any products we are not confident we can acquire will not be available for special order. (see store for details)


For Special Orders Please Email: Mike@Vspotvapor.com

We do require a minimum of 10 bottles for special orders.